Through Heather
For the Channeling Class
May 14, 2019

Wonder, the wonder of it all. The mystery of the world. Unity, coming together, allowing each other room to grow. Acceptance, excellence, progression, perfection, assimilating, allowing, reaching out, taking, accepting, bringing it all together. Each one of us has what we need to be successful on this journey of life. We strive, we struggle, we are sad, we are happy, we explore,  we retreat. All is as it should be. 

Experience is what we seek, Understanding is what comes and love is present always. Acceptance of self is where the journey is going, to be able to say you have arrived equipped and able to accept what is happening in a way that is allowing you to remain centred, full of health, and also allowing another to bring to each situation what it is they wish to bring. Your contribution is needed. You are here for a reason. Can you move within the embrace of love to bring everything out that is within you. You are the vehicle of light. You are the expression of love. And so, whatever is within, can you bring it out? Can you show yourself that you are capable?

Each one of you holds mysteries and you will in time discover those mysteries. You will be able to point in different directions of Self and say, “This is the direction I choose to go this time.” And then the next, a different direction. All is acceptable. All is part of the experience here. You may wish to perpetually grow and, yet, there will be times you are stagnant, seemingly still, unable to move within your own life but you will know you are there. This awareness is also what you seek, to be aware of the changes within so that you can go to a deeper place of calm, of peace that is always there.

Each time you reach out to another you will find a part of your Self reaching also for it is in the reaching that your intent is born. Through your intent you will find truth. Each time you accept yourself completely, you are also accepting those around you to be who there are. If everyone was the same, we would be no different than each other and we would become complacent and bored and lack the thrill of living. It is in our diversity where our strength lies here, to be able to see the many ways that we become ourselves. And so, do not strive to be the same. Instead, accept your uniqueness and let it thrive within life, for this is the meaning here: to bring your unique Self alive.

Whenever you doubt, can you rest in the knowledge that you are here for a reason and this reason may be different for each person and, yet, there is a universal purpose: to be able to give of ourselves to another but also to receive what they are offering and so the cycle continues. Trust more. Doubt less. Accept. Allow. Reach. Retreat. Wake. Laugh. Cry. Be everything, for you are everything.

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