Through Heather Scavetta
September 24th, 2019


It is unnecessary to be so quick to judge oneself. Can you be patient with yourself always as we are with you? Can you reach beyond yourself? Can you grow so that you can come to understand what is necessary for you? Reach. Keep striving beyond your comfort zone because you are more than you know yourself to be. This is why you have come so that you may come to know yourself.

Each one of you has gifts and, yet, you doubt. Each one of you has love to give and, yet, you doubt. Each one of you is able to be different. When you allow your fears to rise you let them come and you sit with them and you call them friends. Fear is not your friend. Fear is not your enemy. Fear is nothing. Fear only has the power that you give it.

And so, can you focus instead on your true self, you authentic self, which is free from fear. Do not make fear welcome. It is not necessary. Instead can you welcome those qualities you wish to nurture which may be patience, compassion, love of self so that you can rise above your circumstances because you are not your circumstances.

The ones that travel the farthest are the ones who are willing to strive, to reach, to allow, and along the way, they have left evidence of who they were behind; pieces of themselves that were too heavy to carry. The path is littered with pieces of people but you are not your body, you are not what you carry, you are free from all those burdens. Let them go so that the new Self can arise! Be the one who can let go first so that you can show those around you what can be done so that they can reclaim their freedom that has always been there and yet covered up. Be free!

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