Time Travellers

Through Heather Scavetta
For the Channeling Development Circle
November 12th, 2019

There can be a way in that can be different than what you are used to. The way in can be easy for you. The way out can be just the same. You can move in and out of consciousness whenever you choose to. This way of coming to know your inner self is a way in to truth. This truth is at the core of your being. This truth holds the power to be what it is, which is everything. The way in can be a way for you to grow to expand yourself, to understand that you are more than a being on the physical plane. You are multi-dimensional. You are able to travel outside the galaxy and go to places that are new to you, but also to places that are familiar to you as well. You are time travellers.

Explore yourself here. This is the reason why you have come to this group: to explore deeper what it is that make you tick, what it is that makes you fearful, what it is that makes you love. To find all those aspects of yourself by exploring different ways to connect within. You are able to grow still even though you are far into your journey. Continue to be curious. Continue to expand yourself and you will find untold treasurers there, waiting to be discovered. They are there for you so that you can come to know that the universe has your back, that we have your back.

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