The Richness of Life

Through Heather Scavetta
For Channelling Class
December 11, 2018

The experience of life, is an experience like no other. The world gives us what we need to heal, to understand ourselves and through those experiences, we understand more about how life is formed, how it expands, how it gives, how it contracts.

We cannot know the future in as much as we can not know others. We can know the future about ourselves, because we understand what we are most likely to choose in the way of choices, in the way of behaviour, but that being said, we are always surprised about ourselves in that we can rise to occasions that we thought we never could. That we are stronger, wiser, softer, kinder.

You can know yourself completely by embracing life in all that it wants to offer you. You cannot pick and choose, in as much as though circumstances that you wish for yourself and others, instead you can choose to embrace, to open your arms to all experiences, even those you think you do not want, because of the richness that multiple experiences will give you.

Not one experience is better than another, but all experiences together present you opportunities to learn about life. It is the give and take, the push and pull, the joy, the discoveries, the opening of gifts, the giving of yourself to another. There is so much held within each opportunity, you cannot know. And so, do not wish to be spared life, instead hope that you are given many opportunities so that you may be rich in knowledge, in discoveries, in experience. This is the richness of life — the ups and downs, the backwards and forwards and the present moment. Embrace all that you can, experience life to its fullest and you will see more, feel more, understand more. 

We are here to remind you that we take each moment seriously with joy, in knowing that each moment will present its richness. Do not look any further that your own back yard, for within yourself, is everything all together as One.

The richness that you seek is available to all, but few will have the courage to embrace it. Embrace it and you will be rewarded with opportunities to give another, for it is together that we are the richest.

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