Sacrifice Nothing

Through Heather Scavetta
December 29th, 2018

Sacrifice nothing, for I am with you. You need not leave the unsavoury part of life in order to feel my presence. Within all circumstances is the truth of who you are. Let it shine out through all the adversity you may encounter.

The truth is there always, as I am. You can search wide and narrow for the truth and yet, it has been there, with you. Each step you take into the wide unknown, is the truth and the known to be found once again. Take heart. We are in this together. We can overcome the world.

Take each instance as an opportunity to be the one who saves another. Be the one who can see the truth when it remains hidden to those around you. Often we see our love one struggle within themselves, doubting their purpose. You can be their light by showing them that they can rise above circumstances and still be the light within all adversity. You can do this, by showing them how you did it. It may not be their way, but it will help pave a way — to show them that there is a way out, in, through, around. Without your presence with me, they may drown in their own sorrows. Lift them out by being the example of strength and truth.

When you have lost your way, reground yourself in truth once again. I am there to listen. I am there to help. If you can ask what it is you most need in that moment from the heart, I am always there to hear you, in fact, I already know what you need. But, don’t bypass the asking, because it is your path, your life. Invite me in and I am there to offer any answers to your questions. You must bypass your prejudice about me and why I am here. Do not listen to the past relics of religion who preyed upon the masses who felt they were lost. Instead, listen to my words spoken to you. 

You can use ancient scripture, but we wary of how men could manipulate its meaning. Arabic is not the first language of many, and so there are many interpretations. Ask me to clarify and I will for you. Listen.

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