Mediumship Development 8-Week Course

Join this 8-Week Course! Spring 2019: May 9th – June 27th – $240.

(Attend by Live Video is also available.) Mediumship is the ability to connect and give messages from deceased loved ones who are now in Spirit. If you are interested in developing your mediumship abilities or are a medium already, this circle will give you the tools and a venue for practice. Each week, volunteer sitters will be present to receive messages from the practicing mediums in the circle. Mediumship needs practice to develop fully. You will see your skills expand and improve over the weeks. By witnessing other mediums deliver their messages, you will learn what is possible for you.

Guidance will be given with message interpretation and delivery. Delivering a message well is an art form in itself!

You will:
– Learn a standard routine that will help you interpret your information quicker and with greater     accuracy. This sets a foundation of how you work with spirit.
– Broaden your abilities by asking to receive information that is out of your comfort zone.
– Practice, practice, practice! You will improve your abilities by practicing!
– Receive guidance on improving your delivery of messages.
– Get help interpreting colours, symbols, feelings, etc. to expand your dictionary.
– Receive validation from the guest sitters/and or/people in the circle to confirm what you are receiving.

Prerequisite: Know how you receive information from Spirit and how to interpret it. A way to receive might be one or a combination of the following:  pictures/thoughts/feelings/smell/hearing. Don’t know this yet? Then Spirit Communication 101 at School of Miracles is your first course to take.

8-weeks Thursdays Afternoons (1-3pm) or Evenings (7-9pm)

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