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When you allow yourself to judge what is happening, you allow the unreal to be born into the situation. The truth will always be there, but you have clouded over your willingness to see the truth by usurping the truth by your own judgement.

Whenever you find yourself rushing to judgement, can you stop and notice your unwillingness to allow what is happening to take place without your influence upon it. If you can acknowledge that you are indeed rushing to judgment, then you can alter your response. Respond instead with an openness to allow what is occurring to be what it is naturally, temporarily without your input. 

You still feel you can change an occurrence by your judgment of it. You rush to lay your will upon it instead of allowing the parties involved play it out. Often times, if you had just waited instead of rushing to judgement, you find that the situation has changed. No longer is it as you thought it was, but instead it has evolved into something completely different.  So too is your judgement on yourself. Often you rush to judgement instead of allowing yourself to play out the situation naturally. You try to be one way or another in order to suit the occasion but can you be your Self in all situations? If you aim to express your true nature instead of what you think the situation calls for, you will witness yourself expand in understanding.

Do not rush this approach either, as the Self does not rush. Can you instead practice being the witness to a situation instead? Being the witness, will allow you time to reflect and choose your response. The Soul is always thoughtful of mind and heart. You will find though, that as you practice being your Higher Self, responses will come more naturally. You will come by way of the heart as this is how you are trained yourself to be. When your responses become more natural because you are allowing the Self to lead, there is peace brought into the situation. If everyone brought their Soul into situations first, there would be more harmony present. Let your heart and Soul speak and allow your ego will to take a back seat. You will be surprised at how often situations resolve themselves with little input from you.

Making a resolve to avoid judgement, places your Self at the centre of every situation. Whether a response is warranted or not, the energy of non-judgement will facilitate those involved to resolve or experience the situation with truth. Notice how there are those around you who are quick to judgement and they will help you learn that it doesn’t have to be that way; judgment creates conflict between the truth and the illusion.

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