Jesus – The Love That You Are

Through Heather Scavetta
December 7th, 2018

We can move mountains, you and I. We can sore to the highest peaks. We can swim the deepest oceans. We are each other. You are not limited to what is possible in this world. We are unbound, you and I.

Remember the gifts that you have and use them for the greater good. Remember that you were born on purpose, for a purpose, and that purpose is not hidden to you any longer. Don’t deny Me, and you are well on your way to recognize the gift within that is ever ready to be expressed into a world that is in need of it.

Seasons will come and go and so too will this earthly life. You are not bound by this temporal life, but are welcomed once again into the fold of tomorrow where we are together forever. This is your true reality, not what you see before you here.

You must not tarry, for time is important only as much as it can be used. Wasted time is a theory, for all time serves a purpose, wasted or not. Do not regret what has happened, instead embrace what is to come, for all possibilities are available to you if you trust in my name, in my willingness to show you the way to true peace, through any circumstance life brings.

You may doubt what it is all for, but can you recall a time when all was as you had hoped it to be. Hoped that it would stay. Hoped that time would stand still in this moment. It did. It is forever saved for you so that you may recall a time when life gave you an opportunity to stay in the moment and feel what was happening within you. Those moments are life.

Do not regret anything, instead welcome the experience of life, welcome opportunities to connect with one another, knowing that all relationships are holy. You and I have had many opportunities to be the ones who can understand when those around you lost their way, and I was there when you did not understand. Turn to me when life gives you opportunities to understand the bigger picture and I will remind you that all is in its place.

Why can’t you understand that the love that you are is enough. What you value in this world is temporal until you understand that what goes with you is only love. Focus on love and you will be rich in understanding. Let the rest fall away. Let the rest be what it is.

Resolve within you to be the beacon of light, to be the revelation that love has come again to be what it is. We will continue to be together and search the world for opportunities to be the love that we are, knowing that love is all there is. Give of your Self to another. Give of your Self to me and we will reign supreme. Rise above the challenges of this world knowing that it is only an opportunity to love. Be free of self and welcome in Self as the all-knowing Self of abundance, joy, and love.

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