Jesus talks about love

Through Heather Scavetta
September 10th, 2019

The key to learning anything new is to help yourself in any way you can by allowing energies to form in the way that they need to without your interference. You may wish it differently and, yet, it comes the only way it knows how to.

Let it in. Let it heal. Let it give. Let it be what it is. The angels are here to help you. They bring hope. They bring love. They bring acceptance of yourself. They help you to understand that you have been given a gift so that you can bring your best self forward to not only understand reality but to bring that knowledge forward so that others may see themselves in you. There is much at stake. The world needs love.

Can you bring it forward? Can you have within you that personal resolve to be the one to carry the torch to light the way? It is up to you. It has been given to you already. You may not understand it fully and, yet, love knows you well.

The kind of person you are has already been formed. You cannot escape it but you can hone it, polish it, so that your light shines. Be the beacon. You have it, give it, even if you feel you are not ready to do so. You will gain confidence as you give what has been so freely given you. Share. Allow yourself to feel what it feels like to touch another with love, with understanding, with compassion and you will learn about the capacity your heart holds and how it is an endless well of riches, of clear water.

You need not thirst any longer. For I have given it to you so that we may share what we have come to understand. Do not let those around you thirst for you are the well. Give so that we may live more abundantly in strength. Allow yourself freedom to be who you truly are and that is love.

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