Jesus on Self-Love

Jesus and Spirit
For the Channeling Development Circle
Through Heather Scavetta
November 6th, 2018

Respect yourself. Know that you are worth the time it takes so that you may be a bringer of light, a bringer of words that may help another. Respect yourself enough to study the discipline well, to be able to hold energy while at the same time, give of yourself to another.

You are not alone, for we are here offering what we can so that you may experience life in a new way, so that you may be able to grow, understand, and in that process, come to understand us as well, for we are no different than you. We grow. We mature. We learn. We experience life as it is too. And so, moving forward, can you accept that we are you. For indeed, that is the way it is, that we speak through you so that we may be heard once again, so that we may speak words of wisdom, comfort and love to those who need to hear us. 

But in that process, can you accept the words for yourself also, for you are still in need of love and comfort. And so it is. You will never be accepting of self love until you accept our love. For you see, our love is your love for yourself. This is a process of trust, but also of self love — to be able to accept that you can succeed in this endeavour, you can be the voice of reason. You can be that higher connection, yes you can.

Let’s go forward, you and I together, so that we may expand the understanding of what true love is. How wonderful that we have been given the opportunity to tell you these truths so that all can benefit.

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