Jesus: Letting Go

Through Heather Scavetta

For the Channeling Class

June 25, 2019

Unfounded. The fears that you hold are unfounded. You are able to break through your fears by trusting in Me. You never have to walk alone again for I am with you. Each time you distrust the journey, you are questioning our relationship. You can be successful at life by letting go. This is how you win, by letting it go, by letting life be what it is without your interpretation. Let it flow. Let is rise. Let it move. It has a will. Let it be.

You cannot resolve the doubts that you hold by resisting them. You can rise above them by understating that life brings to you what you need. So let the doubts rise within you so that you can let them go. Let them disappear into the nothingness that they are. If you hold them inside they will grow, they will become heavy to carry. They will be a burden upon you. I am here to tell you, you need not carry any burden any more. Let Me be the one to carry it for you, let me take it from you and in return you will feel my presence within. You will be confident that you are capable to live freely without any burden whatsoever; it is not necessary but for the purpose of understanding that you can let it go.

Understanding is always present. Understanding is healing. When you are uncertain, when you feel lost, there is little understanding going on. When you trust, when you bring what you need to you, you will be able to understand it. So there is a difference between letting go and pushing something away. Let it come to you, let it teach you, let it show you the way to your authentic Self.

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