Jesus – Gentle are the ones.

For the Channeling Development Class
Through Heather Scavetta
November 26, 2019

Gentle are the ones who understand another. Gentle in spirit, gentle in the words they speak —  to be able to understand another’s feelings — to be able to hear what one is saying, to be able to feel their presence and where they are coming from within.

You are here to understand all these concepts by giving our words to another through yourselves so that not only they can come to understand, but you will too, through the process of hearing the words being spoken, of feeling the energy that it brings, of being witness to the mind-altering heart-opening information.

You are here to be my voice. You are here to be my heart. You are here to be my hands. I am with you. Hear me speak through the channel of love. Feel my presence with you now and trust the process of life that you have been given a heart to feel. You have been given words to speak to another so that you can feel the connection from one to another but also our connection to all that is. 

Remember your Self, here, now, is to bring peace and love to those who seek it, not to struggle with the ego, but to give of one’s true Self to another so that they can witness love, here, now, and what it can bring, what it can do, how it can be — rich, full, alive. It is love that we seek the most because we know it is the one thing that can bring us true happiness, not only to recognize the love that we carry, but that other’s carry too.

It is One Love. One. 

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