Jesus encourages new channellers

For the first night of the
Fall 2018 Channeling Circle
October 30th, 2018
Through Heather Scavetta

There can be little doubt when you are faced with challenges such as these, because you were born to do this. You were made from the same cloth as us. You were made to communicate from your heart. You cannot lose. It is impossible when you are faced with an opportunity to be the one who can give to another.

Each time you trust, you will notice an increase, whether it be of self or whether it be for those around you. You will notice a growth of energy, an increase, an up-lifting. Enjoyment will come when you recognize the truth that passes through you to those who are in need, to those who need to hear the truth once again for they have forgotten what it feels like to be able to receive and hear those words spoken when long ago I spoke those words too. And so now we relive that time when prophesy is spoken, when words of love pass through us, when we are the messengers for God’s words of hope and love.

We together, are the ones who can lift each other up. We are the ones who can bring through light and information to that those who are ready to hear, can learn, can once again understand their true selves. And so, can you step into this arena and take charge of what you have been given by allowing spirit centre stage — not only us — but your spirit, for you too are part of the process. It cannot be any other way.

Let’s join together, hand in hand, heart to heart and know that we will succeed to be the bringers of light, to enlighten our brothers and sisters once again to remember what they have forgotten from long ago.

The time is now, no need to wait. Enjoy the circle of energy that is built because we are all present and joined together in a common focus, a common endeavour. You will notice the speed will increase as we work for there is much that we want to say and there is much that you are willing to speak. Accept our presence with you, not only now, but for forever. For there will never be a time when we are apart from you. Remember this and you will never be alone. Do not worry every again for life will bring you what you need and together we will strive for a better tomorrow.

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