Heather Scavetta, RN – Head Tutor


Heather Scavetta, RN, Reiki Master, Medium, Channel, Author, Voice America Talk Show Host for School of Miracles Radio, and founder of School of Miracles. 

Canada’s trusted Spiritual Teacher for over a decade  —

                       Showing you the way to your intimate connection with Spirit.    

Heather has been teaching meditation, psychic development, mediumship, and Reiki since 2006. She has been channelling The Council since 2009. Heather developed her spiritual abilities after the death of her daughter Elizabeth in 2004. Heather’s approach to teaching is uniquely hers. She does not teach from a book, but by her own own personal experiences. Her daughter and spirit helpers reached through to her and taught her that heaven is real and death does not exist. Through their guidance, she learnt how to communicate with them and now freely shares with others — “It is the reason it happened to me in the way that it did, so that I understand development from scratch.”

Over the past decade, many people have passed through the School of Miracle’s doors. Many have gone on to be successful mediums, channels, and healers. Through her many courses offered at School of Miracles, she continues to help people who have experienced loss, and those seeking more in life to awaken and develop their spiritual gifts, and learn how to communicate with Spirit. Through her private channelled Life Readings with The Council, she speaks their highly individualized words of wisdom to help individuals move forward and understand their life. “Understanding is Healing”,  Heather says.

Author of The Power of Love: A Mothers Miraculous Journey from Grief to Medium, Channel, and Teacher, she shares her personal journey of receiving visions and afterlife communication from her daughter, loved ones, and spirit guides who encourage her to persevere through her grief. Having no previous ability, Heather shows that opening up spiritual gifts is accessible to everyone. Through personal examples, she shares how to open your own psychic and mediumistic abilities, and she discusses the many ways Spirit can reach us. A story of celebration about the amazing and wonderful experiences that occurred since Elizabeth’s transition, The Power of Love narrates her family’s story of how they opened their spiritual gifts to see, hear, and feel—and to know beyond any doubt—their daughter never left their side.

Heather is available for private events, speaking opportunities, and funeral celebrant speeches. Group and Private Channeled Readings available.

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