Getting Your Messages Out There

Through Heather Scavetta
For the Channeling Class
October 23rd, 2019

Getting Your Messages Out There

Loops of links linked together to form a wave length of energy. Each link consists of one thought, one word, one impulse connected to another and another until a chain is formed. Communication comes through links, creating links between one another as we do with you.

Each link is significant and follows what you have been thinking and who you wish it to connect to, so there is a lot of energy and thought put towards creating a link. 

As we sit with you, we see the links leave you, we see where they go. Sometimes the links yet to be connect, they flow in the ether looking for its mate, looking for another light to connect to. In time most links find a connection to another link and so, even though you may not have a recipient for your messages yet, that link is out there looking for one and so, can you trust that your messages will find a connection somewhere? If you can trust in that, then you can trust in yourself that although you are speaking another’s words, you are the creative force taking information and putting it out there. How you wish to see that link, that connection being made, can change over time. At first, you may feel that the link is there and it takes no effort on your part to make that connection happen and then you realize that the link could float in the ethers for a very long time. You may wish to initiate a way that another may be able to find your link and so it is up to you how you wish to get the message out there to those who are looking for the messages that we speak.

In this way, you will find satisfaction that you brought about a way for people to connect with one another through the messages that have been given to you. What a beautiful way to find another who is like-minded and who may be in need of the message in one way or another. So choose which venue you wish to attach your message to, either let it free float or create a destination for it. There are many ways to get the messages out there. You can do your research and find which way that will be the most comforting for you, to know you have done your part in taking the messages given and allowing another to find it. 

Often times you may feel the messages are personal, that they were made just for you, but knowing us, knowing yourself, knowing others, you know that this is not so. For if you are in need of the message given, you can be quite sure there is another who needs it also. This is connection. This is a way to put two and two together. This is a way to reach others through the words given to you so that you may be a vehicle of healing, a vehicle of wisdom, a vehicle of truth. You may not feel that there are many looking for the messages and, yet, there are. Can you also trust that we will do our part to encourage those who are in need of these messages to look for them, to be aware that they are there so that they can benefit from them.

And so, going forward, can you take what you have learned from us, from the channel, and use it to progress the messages of hope that is so important now: to give hope to those who feel hopeless, to give a sense of purpose to those who are looking for their purpose, to give healing to those who are looking to be healed. It is all there. It is yours to give.

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