Changing the Energetic Field

The Council

Through Heather Scavetta

Personal Reading at a Psychic Fair

November 1, 2015

(I see a picture of a scene from The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe movie, you as the Snow Queen on a sled going through the wilderness, but you are able to change energies, change things. The feeling was that you can transmute or change energy.)

As we sit with you today, we are observing the energies around you. These energies morph and change, even though you are unaware this is occurring. At a deeper level, you understand the transmutation of energy. You may not know the mechanics, and yet you know the possibilities.

It is very much who you are. This transmutation of energies occurs at a subatomic level of which you are unaware, and yet are still manipulated. Understanding this, you can access this ability more often and use it to transform places, events, and the energy around people.

People do not understand this field. You can educate them when they notice the change around them. Can you step in and show them the way — show them how it is done, explain for they too can benefit from knowing.

Not all is as it seems, there is a different reality of which you are aware and operate from. People seem to think that the control centre is within their physical body. You are aware that you are operating from a different place. This is a huge clue to how it is done.

We are here to remind you of this. With practice, you will be able to hone this ability. Remember the heart is an important connection. Without the heart, these energies can be led astray. The heart must be at the centre.

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity.)

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