Channeling Development Circle

Jesus on Channeling


Through Heather Scavetta

For the Channeling Development Circle

October 30th, 2018

There can be little doubt when you are faced with challenges such as these, because you were born to do this. You are made from the same cloth as us. You are made to communicate from your heart. You cannot lose. It is impossible when you are faced with an opportunity to be the one who can give to another.

Each time you trust, you will notice an increase, whether it be of self or whether it be for those around you. You will notice a growth of energy, an increase, an up-lifting. Enjoyment will come as you recognize the truth that passes through you to those who are in need, to those who need to hear the truth once again, for they have forgotten what it feels like to be able to receive and hear those words spoken when long ago I spoke those words too, and so now, we relive that time when prophesy is spoken, when words of love pass through us, when we are the messengers for God’s words of hope and love.

We together, are the ones who can lift each other up. We are the ones who can bring through light and information so that those who are ready to hear can learn, can once again understand their true Selves. And so can you step into this arena and take charge of what you have been given, by allowing spirit centre stage, not only us, but your spirit, for you too are part of the process, it can not be any other way. Let’s join together, hand in hand, heart to heart and know that we will succeed to be the bringers of light to enlighten our brothers and sisters once again to remember what they have forgotten from long ago. 

The time is now, no need to wait. Enjoy the circle of energy that is built, because we are all present and joined together in a common focus, a common endeavour. You will notice the speed will increase as we work, for there is much that we want to say and there is much that you are willing to speak.

Accept our presence with you not only now, but for forever, for there will never be a time when we are apart from you. Remember this and you will never be alone. Do not worry ever again, for life will bring you what you need and together we will strive for a better tomorrow.

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Changing the Energetic Field

The Council

Through Heather Scavetta

Personal Reading at a Psychic Fair

November 1, 2015

(I see a picture of a scene from The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe movie, you as the Snow Queen on a sled going through the wilderness, but you are able to change energies, change things. The feeling was that you can transmute or change energy.)

As we sit with you today, we are observing the energies around you. These energies morph and change, even though you are unaware this is occurring. At a deeper level, you understand the transmutation of energy. You may not know the mechanics, and yet you know the possibilities.

It is very much who you are. This transmutation of energies occurs at a subatomic level of which you are unaware, and yet are still manipulated. Understanding this, you can access this ability more often and use it to transform places, events, and the energy around people.

People do not understand this field. You can educate them when they notice the change around them. Can you step in and show them the way — show them how it is done, explain for they too can benefit from knowing.

Not all is as it seems, there is a different reality of which you are aware and operate from. People seem to think that the control centre is within their physical body. You are aware that you are operating from a different place. This is a huge clue to how it is done.

We are here to remind you of this. With practice, you will be able to hone this ability. Remember the heart is an important connection. Without the heart, these energies can be led astray. The heart must be at the centre.

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity.)

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Channeling Development 8-Week Course

Spring 2019: May 7th – June 25th. 8-Week Course – $240

Heather Scavetta is a channel for your Pre-Birth Council, Jesus, Spirit Guides, and Animal Totems. Heather has shared her channels to all who are open to the messages Spirit brings. Having a deep love of channeling, Heather shares her knowledge of how to development the ability to channel with her students.

In this course, we channel Higher Beings of Light in order to bring through higher knowledge and wisdom to the group. (Deceased loved ones are worked with in the Mediumship Development Course.)  Read Heather’s channels.

You will learn to:

  • Blend your energy with Higher Beings of Light and hold that vibration.
  • Speak their words by using your voice.
  • Channel in front of the group.
  • Discern loving energies from lower energies.
  • Build your foundation of trust with the beings you channel.
  • Progress your channeling to take questions and eventually channel other Beings of Light.

It takes time and patience to learn how to channel. You will notice your improvement throughout the weeks as your trust increases and you allow Spirit to take centre stage. Everyone practices channeling each week. The group receives messages from the channels that can help with your development also. Each week Heather will channel for the group.

Prerequisite: Experience meditating.

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