Channels through Heather Scavetta

Channeling Development – Confusing you on purpose.

Through Heather Scavetta
For the Channeling Class
November 19, 2019

Experiment with the different energies that come through you. See how they feel within, without the mind coming in. Let your feelings be what they are in that moment, let them arise, and, in so doing, you will allow what is there to be seen and felt by you.

We are available so that you can experiment more with these energies, by allowing yourself to grow and experience something different each time. Even though a relationship is building, there are ways to connect that may differ each week. This we are showing you by the differences you are noticing each week. And so, yes, we are who we are, but we can react differently with each person if we were to connect to them, because we are assimilating differently within the energies present within each person differently.

We are going in circles. We are confusing you on purpose. We are expanding you. Why does everything need to be linear so you can understand it? It is not that way, truly. Instead can you notice patterns? Can you notice shapes? Can you notice ways of feeling. These things are often overlooked within the process, but they are definitely important. And so, yes, the words that are spoken hold meaning for those who are in need to hear the messages, but the experience itself is for you to understand your Self. This is what is happening here. You think it is about knowing us — getting to know who we are — but, no, it is about YOU getting to know your Self because you do not know who you are yet. You may have hints, you may see clues, but you still don’t understand who you are.

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Through Heather Scavetta
For the Channeling Class
October 8th, 2019

Each of you have been given what you need for this journey of hope. As you discover more about yourself, you discover what is possible. Not only within your own lives but in the lives of others. There is a way to understand all of this better than questioning yourself. Instead, can you go within more and know that the connection that you seek is there for everyone to find their answers to every question you might have. In order to do this, you must be willing to reach beyond yourself, to understand that there are higher energies at play that bring you energy to help you open, to help you understand, to help you grow, to help you be still. There is a helper for every need one might have. But first, can you decide on what it is that you need and can you allow it to come about?

The energies are strong here, because you are willing to trust what is happening around you, within you. With trust, comes the ability to open yourself, to open your heart wider, to open your mind to new possibilities. Yes, the heart is the centre and, yet, the mind follows the heart. In time you will understand that both are working in conjunction to bring about the best outcome for you.

But first, always the heart, always. Not the mind, the heart. Learn to recognize its promptings. Learn to recognize each other’s hearts and what they need and together we will work to bring a unified field together, not only with a common purpose, but the ability to persist through all adversaries. Persist.

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Time Travellers

Through Heather Scavetta
For the Channeling Development Circle
November 12th, 2019

There can be a way in that can be different than what you are used to. The way in can be easy for you. The way out can be just the same. You can move in and out of consciousness whenever you choose to. This way of coming to know your inner self is a way in to truth. This truth is at the core of your being. This truth holds the power to be what it is, which is everything. The way in can be a way for you to grow to expand yourself, to understand that you are more than a being on the physical plane. You are multi-dimensional. You are able to travel outside the galaxy and go to places that are new to you, but also to places that are familiar to you as well. You are time travellers.

Explore yourself here. This is the reason why you have come to this group: to explore deeper what it is that make you tick, what it is that makes you fearful, what it is that makes you love. To find all those aspects of yourself by exploring different ways to connect within. You are able to grow still even though you are far into your journey. Continue to be curious. Continue to expand yourself and you will find untold treasurers there, waiting to be discovered. They are there for you so that you can come to know that the universe has your back, that we have your back.

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