Through Heather Scavetta
October 29th, 2019

Absolve yourself of any guilt that you may have about the past and how you dealt with it. Guilt can rob you of pleasure in your lives. Guilt brings condemnation of self and when that happens it can be a spiral that can continuously turn you in the wrong direction. Acknowledge that you may feel guilty about something, or another, and then know that you need not feel this way. Move in a different direction, one where you give yourself support and encouragement to keep moving forward, to keep moving in a positive direction instead of a negative one.

Guilt serves no purpose and, yet, it is part of some people’s emotional baggage until that day where they can let it go and release themselves from the burden of carrying it any longer. You are able to do this without being hard on yourself. Instead, can you find the joy in the process of living in the present moment. Leave the past where it is and embrace the future. Look up! Keep reaching, keep striving for a brighter today, a brighter tomorrow. The change in perspective is a perspective that can help you see truth. Change your perspective to see yourself clearly, as we do, as one who is full of love and promise. Praise that.

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