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All instruction
and readings by Zoom video.
One-to-One Spiritual Mentoring in:
Akashic Records, Channeling, Mediumship,
Spirit Communication,
Animal Communication,
Spiritual Development

courses & events

6-Week Courses in Mediumship, Channeling, Meditation, Animal Communication, and Spirit (Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, etc.) Communication are offered as One-to-One instruction online tailored to your schedule. Receive private instruction to work at your level and help you move through blocks, learn new material, and accelerate your spiritual development. Each hour of instruction is YOUR hour to discuss or learn what is most dear to your heart.

“At my very core, I have the heart of a teacher. It is my desire to teach others by sharing how I developed my psychic and mediumistic abilities after the death of my daughter, Elizabeth. Through her love and guidance, she taught me how to communicate not only with her, but others on the other side.  Everyone has these abilities. With practice and knowledgable guidance, everyone can learn to be a psychic, medium, channel, healer, and to communicate with their Spirit Team. Many of my students have successfully gone on to be Mediums, Channels, and Healers. I share the intimate process of personal development to see/hear/feel/know your loved ones and spirit guides. Everything that worked for me can also work for you. Everything I learnt is for you.” ~ Heather Scavetta.

Proud Supporter of

Lion Guardian

Elizabeth Scavetta Memorial Teen Short-Story Contest


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