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Spirit Guide Reading for V.

Through Heather Scavetta

April 15, 2018

There is little you can do when you are faced with circumstances you do not want. You may wish for life to be different, but here we are. Each soul desires different objectives for their life experiences here and so, can you trust that your life is no different, that you too desired what was to come, what was to be, what is now.

As you move forward, you will find different ways to cope with what is happening. You will find a strength you did not know you had, you will find ways of communicating with loved ones that will help the process.

Each person finds their own way, but can we say to you, because you understand, that we are part of your life also, and are here to assist in any way we can. Each time you struggle, please ask for assistance and we will send one who is fully capable to help. This help may come in the form of spirit, but may also come within the earthly realm. And so, do not discount well wishes of others, or offers of assistance, for they too are angels in disguise.

Each one of us are equipped with what we need, even if we do not feel we have been given what others have, that is not so. All are equal in the eyes of the Lord. Part of opening one’s gifts is to accept who you are and how you were made, to trust that each gift was hand placed within you — a treasure to be found and opened. Explore yourself deeper for there is much more there than you have found thus far.

We can offer our condolences to you in the way of acknowledging your suffering, but we also see much joy there too. You were born in joy and are joy at your deepest core and you must find your way back to that centre. Each time you veer off that path, you are choosing suffering over your true nature. You are relishing what the world is giving you instead of accepting your true self and knowing that you are here — not to join in suffering, but to accept the joy that you are. You cannot do this alone, so do not feel it is all up to you. There are forces at play that assist you every day to find that joy.

You are operating at a level that searches every day for this connection. You are allowing the energies around you to come in, to change you per se, but can you accept that you too have this gift — to be able to give what is yours to others. You fail to recognize the impact you have on others. And so, perhaps your focus can be redirected at this time — moving away from external validation — to expressing what you know to be true, which only comes from within. Can YOU be the change that you wish to see. Can YOU express that joy to effect others. Can you be the change.

This is a different mind set from where most people are. Most people look externally for validation — look for others to give them what they need — compare themselves to others, feel badly for those around them, but instead, can your perspective shift to one of Self only. You are here to be part of the change. You are here to accept fully who you are. You are here to be your Self, your Higher Self, here, in this moment and every moment. This is the way you will effect change around you, by changing yourself, but most importantly your perspective. Look no further to those around you to give you what you need, but instead be the one who gives to them. This fits perfectly within your timeframe of your life expression here, for now you are of the age where you understand so much more than the younger generation. You are the wisdom. You are the pillar of strength. Let that be the foundation for those around you also, for they look for similar guidance.

You can lean on us when you doubt, when you don’t feel safe, instead of looking on those around you to lean on. This will not only give you strength, but will support the truth of your being — that only together can we be strong. This gift that you have been given, can you take it completely into your heart. Can you own it. Can you be it.

You are also here to experiment with these gifts — to share with those around you, whether they know it or not. Express yourself at every turn. Do not keep it inside, let the joy out and notice how the energy changes. You can be the catalyst for change, indeed you are. Do not walk this earth solo. This too is not who you are, but walk with us knowing you are strong, capable and have what others need most. You have our love to give through you. This is how it works. This is how change happens.

The forces of nature are there to remind you that you too are a force of nature. You can carry within you a great storm, or you can carry within you a great calm, a great peace. Look to nature to be your inspiration, to remind you of what you hold most dear about yourself, that being, a great ability to change in the face of whatever life brings you.

This world has many challenges and you have been witness to the challenges of those around you, but also you have experienced those challenges yourself. And so, can we say you have been seasoned, that you are ready to blossom, that you are ready to share your fruit. Give of your Self. This is all that your soul asks of you here. Let it out. Do not hide it. Be one with nature, knowing that you are viewing yourself, but also one with humanity, for they are your brothers and sisters. They are your comrades in arms. Together we can fight the great fight, but only with love will we win. The light shines on you, but also on every other soul, but you know of that light, and you know that it shines for you. Accept it. Own it and be it and we will be there every step of the way.

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Loved Ones In Spirit Miss Us

The Council

Through Heather Scavetta

For Linda at the Psychic Fair

November 1, 2015

(I see you are at an aquarium looking through the glass, looking up. This is where you are now — you want the experience of looking into a different state — your animal totem may also be visible as a form of aquatic life.)

Resume your connection with those who have gone before you. There was a time when you knew. There was a time when you listened. There was a time when you heard. You can allow those energies to come again, for they are very deep, but not so deep that they can’t resurface.

We are moving you forward in a way that will not only help you achieve bliss, but also to put the pieces together to understand where you have come from and where you are going. We see so many confused, not understanding yourselves, and questioning what it is all for. We want you to know that your life has a purpose, a deep meaning, a resonance that is important, not only for your soul, but also for those that love you.

Never think for an instant that they don’t know, for they are interested in reestablishing that connection with you. What is it like to love someone who is not there? Can you image how it feels for them? If you can, than you can open your heart and allow them to communicate once again, for they long for that connection.

Within you, are the parameters for you to explore. There are many fields of energy within and without. You will navigate your way through the different realms for you to explore the universe, as well as those who you love, for you see, your natural state is freedom.

Do not think that you are bound by this body, you are free to choose, you are free to go, you are free to stay. 

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity. Comments that are bolded are from The Council as they wish them emphasized.)

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Angel on Your Shoulder

The Council

Through Heather Scavetta

Personal Reading at a Psychic Fair

November 1, 2015

(I hear, “Angel on your shoulder”. I feel they are talking about a special angel or guardian angel that is with you.)

From our side of the veil, we see more than is available for most people. You may feel like you are aware of extra energies around you, this is true. There is one who can hear the calling of your heart. This one, knows you intimately. You can ask for guidance, for nurturing, from this one whenever you wish, for this is their purpose, to stay with you, to be with you, forever.

Knowing this, can you look forward with comfort in understanding that there is those who love you dearly, who give everything they have for you. We hope by bringing this to your attention, you will accept life, knowing that there is this comfort available to you at any time. You can practice communicating with your angel and in this communication, you can learn and grow to not only understand the realm of the spirit, but also yourself, for this energy is intimately connected to you and knows you better than you know yourself. Allow the love to come in and do not resist their energies, for when they come near you they are full of love and wish you to know.

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity.)

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