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Embracing Change

Life Reading for
The Council
Through Heather Scavetta
September 3, 2017

(I see an ocean tide that is out revealing what is beneath the water.)

Shifting tides. The tide goes in, the tide goes out. There is a steady rhythm to life. The ocean allows this change — to be in one place and then another. It is true there are those who worship the ocean, but they will find that there is so much more to her than you know. She operates on a rhythm, that is indicative to the earth and all the life forms here.

The moon too is responsible for those rhythms and while you are here on the earth you too respond to those rhythms. As a women in this lifetime, you alter your schedule to allow these changes to occur. You are cognizant of the fact that at any given moment, you may change, there may be a shift in your energies. You do not fight these changes, because you know it is part of being a women. You can apply this logic to other parts of your life, that these parts contain a rhythm also, and you can find the rhythm within those parts by asking us to explain deeper, but for now, can you recognize the different rhythms of life. If you can, and we know you can, you will be able to accept life more readily. You will not fight change because you know it is inevitable, it is part of the existence here, now, to experience time and change happening within you and around you.

Even though there are deeper truths — that at another level there is no change for you, but you long to experience life in all its variability and so you approached us and asked us to help you to once again come to this earth so that you can experience change.

If this is one of the reasons why you have come, can you acknowledge all the times that you have resisted this change and working into the future, can you more readily accept change within your life, because if you can, and again we know you can, you will find a hidden piece within because of the truth that you are at the deepest core of your being unchanged..that there is a continuity to life that is beneath the surface and you can attach yourself to that solidity of life know that you are eternal, forever, but can also choose to experience change and time, existing in a different realm temporarily. That is what this life has come to show you, that you are able to exist and thrive within change. So do not wish your life away by resisting change, instead can you embrace it and know that it is for this experience that you have come.

Q – What could I work on right now that would have the most positive impact on my life?

We see you as one who looks for ways in which you can grow and it is true that the soul loves new ways to experience life. You may feel that there have been times in your life where there was little growth, but did you know that in each breath you grew.

Set aside any need to prove to others your self-worth. You will always disappoint people and those that know you best, you can never disappoint, and we are one of those people. But we also understand that there is a deeper need within, to be fulfilled and to know that your purpose here is bringing about the best outcome for yourself and others. It is best to acknowledge what gains you have made thus far. Can you focus within your life how much you have done already to understand the Self. It is true that there is always more to understand, and in time, you will be able to look back and see your growth, but in the present moment, you cannot see the growth for what it is, so it is best to acknowledge that you are participating fully in your life moment to moment. This is a better focus for you than to think about the future and to plan. Instead can you embrace each moment. Each Moment, each moment, each moment — this is where your focus can be if you choose it to be. Each moment is where you are, is where your consciousness is. Let each moment lead you to the next without your input.

How can this happen, you may say? Because life happens. Life is and it does not need your input into each moment, but it does need your participation, your willingness to be part of the Whole. And so you can see those who live there life moment to moment yet they are unaware of the bigger picture — that they are part of the Whole, that THEY can incorporate that Whole into each moment. This is where you are right now, to acknowledge the Whole in each moment, and how you may ask do I do that? By accepting it as truth that you are part of the Whole, that you are important, that you are participating in that Whole, whether or not you feel that you are, you are. In each breath you are participating in that Whole, but you can expand your participation by acknowledgment that you are indeed participating in that Whole by being who you are.

If you are not experiencing yourself as your true Self, then you are delaying time. You are dragging your heals through time. You can speed up time by acknowledging your authentic Self, your true Self in each moment, and when you do, you will feel that connection to the Whole. You will embrace the love that is there and you will feel fulfilled. It can be that simple, but you say, it is hard to sustain, because life brings challenges, new perspectives, and people that can delay your progress. There will always be those challenges presented to you, but it is up to you if you wish to accept them into your life. You can say, that is not for me, and you can look at each circumstance in a different way. This will help you choose what you wish to participate in. So you see, you have a lot of choice that happens on a moment to moment basis. What you have no choice in, is the fact that you can not not participate in life. You already have made that convent with God that you want to be part of life and the expansion of life. Do you see the hidden truth contained within that stanza. You participate in the expansion of life and that means that you are love because only love expands. This is another truth for you to take in, to accept, to live. Do not let the ignorance of others pull you down or make you question your own beliefs. Stand strong in what you have come to understand, but also contain an open heart and mind that you may be shown deeper truths than what you currently understand. This is the beauty of existence of life — that there is always more to experience, always more to take in, always more to live with, to say, how do I wish to express this truth in this current moment. What a joy life is when you see it that way.

Q – Is my name serving me well right now?

It is true that names carry an understanding. Some people fight with their names and others embrace them. You are not your name. It is not you. Your name was born when you were. (When you were created.) That vibration of love is unique to you and you carry that vibration with you wherever you are in the universe. That name can be spoken, but often it’s not because its not necessary in this current lifetime for you to understand that, but that does not mean it doesn’t exist. Choose your name here by allowing yourself to take in the vibration of the word and see if it fits you, if it does not, let it go. You do not need that name for any purpose, but to differentiate yourself from others. And so, another name can serve the same purpose. Do not attach yourself to your name because it is temporary.

Closing message:

In our experience with you, we have been drawn to your capacity for strength. You have been able to override other ways of being and risen above them many times over (including past lives). You have proven yourself over and over again that you are able to thrive no matter what the conditions of your life and so now you have come into this life once again to express this truth.

Knowing that you are strong and withstand any challenge, can you let go of any worry about the future, understand that no matter what happens around you, within you have the security to withstand any outside force. Align with us. Align with your strength and be certain that you will survive anything, that indeed you already have. Stand with us and you will be strong. It is a given. Let us give that strength to you in those times when you will doubt — to know that we have your back and we stand strong with you, besides you always. Rest with us and let life happen, let it flow, let it flow with the tides. Let it come in and let it go out (including death of loved ones) knowing that all is as it should be. Rest my child. Be calm. Be still and know that God has always been with you, every step of the way, from morning, to noon, till the evening, till nighttime and over again — one continuous life flowing from one lifetime to another, seamless, endless, forever.

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity.)

Spirit Guide: WATER

Channeled Spirit Guide Reading
For T.K.
Through Heather Scavetta
September 3, 2017
(I see a drop of water.)

1,2,3…4,5,6…7,8,9. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. 9,9. Nine is completion. Full circle. From the beginning to the end. Alpha, Omega. Nine. Ten is new beginnings. Ten starting at one again. This is you. Number one, starting over, beginning again. Let’s start again. Your new life. Number one, one, one. Embrace the one. New beginnings. Start again.

I know what beginning is for. I have started over many times. I can start over whenever I choose. I can be many things at once, but I can also start over. You know me as rain, but I can also be drizzle. I can be one drop. I can be many. I can be in the clouds. I can be in the oceans, I can be on land, in the air. I can be frozen. I can be moving. I can be still.

I am water. I am life. I am you. I am in you. I am outside of you. I bring life. I am the element of water. H2O. Your scientists have labeled me as such — two hydrogens and one oxygen molecule coming together, but I take on many forms. So do you. You have many forms. You may feel this is your only form, but it is not. You can change too, like I do. You can be free. You can be bound. You can be pure consciousness. You can be more.

You are human, but also divine. You are of the earth, but you are not of the earth. You are spirit which can be many different things. Did you know that your (deceased) loved ones can also be water. They can blend with us and come through in a rainbow. They can smile to you in that way. You can see their face in a pond, in a puddle, in the sky when it’s raining. Did you know that water is the great conductor of energy, and so when it rains, did you know that you will be able to connect with spirit easier?

I come to you as water, because you are water too. Let’s work together. Let’s expand our knowledge by accepting the fact that we can change into different forms, and if you can change, if I can change, so can others change their forms. And so, loved ones can come through differently than you may understand, but now you know. Look for the next rainbow. Look for the next rainfall, and did you know that we can also come through the fog, for it is moisture.

I am with you now, because I can help you understand the different dimensions of the soul — to let you know, that there is consciousness in everything that is here, now. That I am conscious of myself, and so are you. Nature speaks and you can hear us talk, breath, live. Listen to the rain next time, it is speaking loudly sometimes and other times softly. We are communicating in the way that we do and you can communicate in the way that you do. Expand your understanding of consciousness, because we are along side with you.

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity.)

Spirit Guide Reading: Jesus as the Dove of Peace

Jesus drawn by  Akiane Kramarik

Jesus drawn by
Akiane Kramarik










Spirit Guide Reading
For K.
Jesus Speaks
Through Heather Scavetta
August 2, 2017

(I see a white dove.)

Moving from one place to another. Always in flight I am. I am the Great I Am. I am you. You are me and together we are one.

I see from a great distance. I hear every pin drop. My feet grasp what is underneath me. I am firm on the ground (on the Earth) and yet free (in Spirit).

Each time a sing, I sing of peace. Each time I arrive I bring love. I am your dove.

My crest is naked. I do not need a crown, but you may know me better by one who wore one, even though it was a crown of thorns. My true crown is with The Father who bestows His love and Royalty on all. Your crown is there too. Let me fix (straighten) it upon your head. Let me show you your true Self in all its glory.

You do not know me yet, because you do not know yourself truly. Know your Self, you know me. Let us start this journey together of understanding one another. Let it be now. Our hearts are full. We are best known for our hearts of mercy. People see your heart. You cannot hide it. That is true of mine also, for my heart leads first and is therefore, more recognizable. Your heart leads too. That we have in common, but can you let go of expectations upon those around you to do the same. They will learn in their own time — that love is all there is. You can show them your Self and this will help others see. Open their eyes to the truth about themselves by opening your eyes. See the truth wherever you look. See with my eyes. We can look together. We can join. Let us be the representation of Christ here, now, for there is no other time.

Let my message of peace by yours also. Lay down an olive branch for your energies. Pave their path with kindness. Let them walk upon these palms of friendship and love to you. Let it be the pathway to reconciling any differences that may be there by your offering of love.

We are joined always, forever together. You may not see me as the risen Christ, but truly, I am. I am here to show you yourself, your true Self. Let us be together as it is and go forth expressing that Unity, that truth.

(Comments in italics are from the channel for clarity.)

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