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New Year Message for 2018

Your Pre-Birth Council
Through Heather Scavetta
December 31, 2017

Understanding comes with a price tag. You must be willing to let go of the old, in order to embrace the new. We are here to remind you that now is the time to remember your Source and to honour those who support you, love you, and encourage you within this timeline. You must be able to extend yourself beyond the little self, to embrace all that is being offered to you now, and there is much that is being offered to you.

We our here to also remind you, that it is in the small things that can make the most difference. You need not put undue pressure upon yourself to be the one who changes the world, be instead the one that acknowledges their true Self and to stand in unwavering pose to honour the truth within.

These promises to yourself will be felt world-wide, even if you fail to understand your connection to the whole, it is there. Please respond by acknowledging this truth in the way that fits you the best. There is no one way to respond, but many.

Within you, is a knowing that is deep and sure, and you can trust in your own knowing what you have been called to do. You need not search beyond yourself for these answers, for they have already been provided for you, by you. Each person travels their road and sometimes all roads collide and other times they run parallel to each other. You can travel your road by accepting the path as it is laid before you. You need not create the path, for that has already happened, but you can acknowledge where the path opens, when it narrows, when it widens.

Many times, we come to you to help you understand that you cannot fail. Please let go of any feelings of failure, of what has occurred and what may happen. Every life is a success, but it is up to you how much you wish that life reflects you — your dreams, your desires, your hopes. Let this year be the year that you accept yourself without reservation. You are perfect, whole, and complete in every way. Only you can let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace the truth of your being. You have what it takes to succeed. Let love be the answer. Let the heart guide you. Let the mind reflect the heart’s direction. These simple truths will guide you to where you are going. Be steadfast in your faith, do not waver an inch, and be the truth in your own way. Only you can be you. Let this year be a new beginning where you bring together the forces of Soul, Love, and Spirit together, here, now. Let it start within.

Spirit Guide Reading: You Are A Scholar of Life

The Council

Through Heather Scavetta

A Spirit Guide Reading For S.

December 10th, 2017

As we gather around you, we sense a shift within, to be able to assimilate more, to organize your thoughts in a way that will bring about the best outcomes. You can be very cerebral, and this can lead you into further understanding by applying those abilities that have been cultivated through the years.

You understand many concepts of truth and their origins. You have sat on many councils already. You have been witness to many life plans. You have arranged organizations to help in the propulsions of a soul’s agendas. You have been able to move quickly, to understand one’s dilemmas and bring about an organization of thought to help one understand where they are coming from, and how they can organize their future thoughts in a way that will bring about the best outcome. You are a scholar of life.

Within you, are many generations of those who have sat in similar positions to give advice, to organize the truth, and to assess one’s needs. Understand that not all energies are able and willing to express this ability, but you find great comfort in doing so. Can you accept this part of yourself as a given? For indeed it is. But you have also taken many opportunities in the past to demonstrate this ability and once again you are called to contribute in this way. Formal education can assist you in this manner, but it is through the wisdom of the soul that you are able to give and share such wisdom readily. For there is a comfort within that you have honed throughout the centuries.

You can also understand that in the past there were many others who helped you. That indeed there was a council of elders, that organized their thoughts together to bring about a plan to assess the needs of those involved, and you did not operate alone. And so as you move forward can you accept that although it feels like a solo journey, it is anything but. You must acknowledge the wisdom around you, and accept their play in your life. Each one plays a significant role to bring about understanding within you, about yourself but also the process, that indeed it is a collaboration of souls.

Years ago you would acknowledge that another was wise, but now you see differently. You accept your own wisdom as part of that process. And so it is not alien to you to work with others. You are already accepting that truth. So continue on your path to glory for indeed that’s what it is.

Let go of your need to be right and understand that it is a collaboration of souls to bring about the best for each participant to organize thoughts in a way that will assimilate the best.

And do not forget the heart, for it is the wisest of them all. The heart must be involved always, and never overthink a situation without its presence. For the heart leads, the heart speaks, the heart knows. But without the mind, it is unable to bring its knowledge through to fruition. Let the mind be the servant of the heart. Let it unite as one force. And you will discover more ways to be yourself and to help those around you. Encourage them also to listen closely to what their heart says and they will be able to understand where you come from in your guidance.

It is not about leaving the past behind, it is about bringing it forward, those abilities and truths that you already possess. Let them be a significant part of yourself, and know that you have a purpose here: not to become something you are not, but to be yourself in all its dynamics. Treasure those truths that have become the norm for you and accept new truths in. For an open mind is a wise mind. And together we shall all rise.

Each time you accept our words you are also accepting your own, for you are a valid member of our team. Trust yourself as we trust you, and let us help as we always have. Call on us in those moments when you doubt or need information, and we shall gladly participate.

We enjoy being who we are, and you can continue that legacy of love, justice, and truth. You can rule by your heart, and you will find the guidance that you are delivering as honourable. Expand your understanding of how this unity works, by inviting our presence into different situations. Not only when you are expounding wisdom, but when you are alone with yourself. And with those that you love, we are there also. Each time you move in a way that honours yourself you are also honouring us, and in time you will come to understand more about the dynamics of information, knowledge, wisdom, truth. These are most of the qualities that you seek because it is how you are most comfortable. Continue in that vain, to bring through what you already know how to do with those around you and yourself, and you will bring much stability to your life, as you remember the foundation of where you came.


What is the Purpose of Catastrophic Events?

The Council
Through Heather Scavetta
December 5th, 2017

Question: “ What is the purpose of catastrophic events?”

Forging new ways of being is part of the mission of mankind. You are all pioneers forging new ways of being, of experiencing life around you. Within that framework are opportunities for you to exhibit your own contribution towards global events. Working together, you will see a different aspect of yourself that you would not experience working alone.

Catastrophic events bring a unity through by forcing people to work together in a way that they would not normally. Through these events, we are witnesses to the magnitude of the human heart at play, to facilitate a way of bringing reason to unreasonable occurrences. It is natural for the human experience to be one of organizing thoughts within a framework of meaning. It is difficult to understand events, if there is no meaning applied to it. You are encouraged to let go of your need to apply meaning to all events, because you will not understand the universal impact that is occurring, because you are time-bound within the experience itself. When, and if, you are able to transport yourself beyond the experience at hand, you will be able to better grasp the universal meaning to an event, but first, you must be able to remove yourself from the event itself.

In so doing, you will be able to understand that although there are individuals experiencing that reality, you are also intertwined within the experience itself in an individual capacity, and so, therefore, you are affecting it by your participation. Let it be known, that as you remove yourself from these events, you are also removing yourself from the time-bound parameters.

Experiencing yourself outside of time, is a practice that you can hone by letting go of your attachment to this physical reality and your need to be important within it. So you see, there are many parameters that need to be circumvented in order to be able to bring a truthful interpretation of what is occurring now.

There are many who try to explain these events, but they are too involved in them to be able to see them clearly. Remove your need to be involved and important within the event itself, and you will be closer to the truth of its interpretation.

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